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Cerebral Palsy

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    History of Cerebral Palsy


    True life accounts of Living with Cerebral Palsy

    Living with a Disability for some people can be frustrating both for the person and the family, it can also be a rewarding experience when your child or the person with the disability achieves goals in there life, whether its there first day at school or using a switch to help them communicate it can give all involved a great boost and the confidence to continue to strive for more.

    In this part of the site you can read true life accounts of disabled people find out how they learn to cope day to day and the big achievements in there life

    Name: Susie Bennett
    Story: A Special Victory
    Date: January 2005

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    Life takes on a new meaning for handicapped youngster Susan Bennett when she takes to the water - she has just received a special award for a feat that many abled-bodied people would be hard pressed to emulate.

    Name: Kieren
    Story: Cerebral Palsy
    Date: January 2007

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    Kieren is our only child, I was 19 years old. The pregnancy was uneventful until 8 months. I had a scan at 8 weeks, an anomaly scan at 19 weeks and another routine scan at 32 weeks, all of which were fine and I was well. At 8 months, I started to get pains, rather like bad period pains in my back.

    Name: Tim Wambach & Mike
    Story: Cerebral Palsy
    Date: January 2007

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    Tim has always had a passion to help others. This can be seen in his work with Mike Berkson. Mike touched Tim's life in many ways and it was Mike's zest for life that motivated him to write this book. Keep on Keeping on has been Tim's motto for a long time and now it will live on forever as the title of his first book.

    Name: Victoria
    Story: Cerebral Palsy
    Date: January 2007

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    Hi! Thanks for allowing me to post her story on your new website. I had a great pregnancy with her no complications. She was born on December 1, 1999 in Dallas, Texas at Baylor Medical Center at about 12:30. I had to have a c-section with her and Joshua (that's her big brother) due to my babies not dropping into the birth canal.

    Name: Daniel & Donna
    Story: Cerebral Palsy
    Date: January 2007

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    I became pregnant with Homer February of 2001. My pregnancy was very good in the beginning. When I was about 6 months pregnant, I got severely high blood pressure and preeclampsia. Although I was very uncomfortable, I loved every minute of it!

    Name: Tracy
    Story: Living Through The Years
    Date: January 2007

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    My CP is Athetoid, which affects the area of movement and motor skills. This can cause much involuntary and uncontrollable reactions when doing every day tasks which can make certain things exhausting and difficult to do.

    Name: Day in the life of a cerebral palsy mum
    Story: Cerebral Palsy
    Date: October 2007

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    Desperate mum Alison Thorpe's plea for doctors to remove her severely disabled teenage daughter's womb has sparked an ethical storm.

    Name: A fathers story
    Story: Cerebral Palsy
    Date: May 2008


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